Cove Park-three funded Literature Residencies

In 2020 Cove Park will award a minimum of three funded Literature Residencies of between two to six weeks each to take place during its summer programme (seven residencies were awarded in the equivalent programme in 2019).

They invite applications from UK-based writers of any genre, who have published at least one book-length publication (or the equivalent thereof, e.g. spoken word or drama). They will also award at least one residency to an emerging writer of any genre based in Scotland. Emerging writers need not have published a book-length publication.

Furthermore, they will award at least one residency to a literary translator of any language into English, based in Scotland. Translators need not have published a book-length translation.

Cove Park’s summer residency programme provides artists with the time and support required to focus exclusively upon their own practice. The emphasis is upon research, experimentation and the development of new work. The writers will be part of a changing group of national and international residents specialising in a wide variety of art forms. All of the artists are invited to take part in a series of informal studio presentations, readings, talks, screenings and dinners organised by Cove Park throughout the summer programme. After completion of their residency, writers may also have the opportunity to return to Cove Park to contribute to Hands-On, a public programme of educational and participatory workshops and events.

The  residencies will take place during May to September 2020. Within this period, residency dates are negotiable.



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5 Dec 2019


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