Directors: Working on New Plays

Sessions will be every Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 8.30pm for six weeks, starting on 15 September 2021.

In-person at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square.

An opening up of the process of directors and their dramaturgical approach with writers and scripts, facilitated by directors who have all recently worked at the Royal Court.

The group will take part in six weekly workshops – each session will be led by a different director looking at the dramaturgy of a play they have directed, and include Q&A’s with members of Royal Court staff on how working with writers guides their approach to their role.

Sessions will also include a Q&A with a writer on what they need from a director and a session where a playwright and director talk through different drafts of a script, from early stages to first preview.


  • Looking for a group of 12 early career directors to be part of the discussion; those with one or two professional directing credits and a demonstrable interest in working with writers. A professional credit should be interpreted as directing professional actors in front of a paying audience. They acknowledge you may have worked in different types of processes, and work outside of this remit which is relevant to your work with writers is worth including in your application.
  • They’re committed to ensuring the group is accessible for all. They can support with access needs, travel and other costs of joining a group from outside London. Everyone who is offered a place will be asked to fill in an access questionnaire to ensure we can provide the appropriate resources.
  • There is no fee to take part and applicants must be aged 18 or over and based in the UK or Ireland.



Sunday 29 August 2021. 


Published on:
18 Aug 2021


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