ENTER.STAGE.WRITE short playwriting competition- £1000 prize

Transition Stage company presents ENTER.STAGE.WRITE a glittering awards night at the REP Theatre Studio. They are looking for new, diverse short plays. The winning writer will writer will receive £1000 and be crowned Birmingham’s first Enter Stage Write Champion!
There will also be an Audience Award best script, which will include a monetary prize and is voted for by the audience on the night.  All scripts awarded prizes are automatically under option to the Transition Theatre Company for a period of eighteen months after the announcement of the awards. Any subsequent production will be recompensed in accordance with industry terms as agreed by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.


Midnight on Sunday 18th November 2018.

  • The competition is open to anyone residing in the UK
  • The play must be an original, piece of work
  • The play has to be precisely 7 – 10 minutes in length
  • Although duologues (two-handers) are preferable, the script must not require no more than three actors to perform.
  • They do not accept translations, adaptations of other pieces of work or musicals. They also do not accept plays written exclusively for younger audiences.
  • The submitted play must be available for production.
  • They do accept plays co-authored by more than one writer. Please ensure that only one entry is submitted with one set of contact details.
  • The script can be of any genre; from drama to comedy, anything goes.
  • Above all, they want diverse and authentic stories which really speak for the place and region that you represent.

Please indicate if you would like your script and contact details to be included on the ENTER.STAGE.WRITE online database. The database can only be viewed by registered users and all rights are retained by the writer. It is the writer’s (or their agent’s) responsibility to negotiate any subsequent offers to produce the work.

Application fee 

The admin fees are in place to employ expert script practitioners;

  • If you are under the age of 16, please state your age and have your parents’/guardians’ names and contact information placed on the script.
  • Please do not put your name on the page at all, if under 16. If you are under 16, the admin fee to enter a script is £7.00
  • If you are a student, un-employed or receive disability allowance you are eligible for the £7.00 script submission
  • If you are 16 and over, the admin fee to enter a script is £10.

Furthermore, there is a submission for a 20-minute consultation with your 7-10-minute script with an industry professional Master script advisor for £30 pound – subject to availability. These sessions will take place in September and October, and this will also allow you to re-submit for free
with your amendments and be on the Transition Stage Company database for a year.


Published on:
24 Sep 2018


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