European Freaks!

 Show: 9 – 10 November 2019
Venue: Rich Mix: The Studio E1 6LA

The Hungarian theatre company STEREO AKT is seeking local Londoners to take part as amateur performers in their upcoming participatory show called “European Freaks” performed on November 9 and 10 at Rich Mix London.

If a historian in the future would have to guess the condition of the European Union based on the crisis mood of the 2010s, probably the prognosis would not be very optimistic. Is the Europe brand really a bunch of empty slogans? Has the feeling of European life taken a turn for the worse? What happened to the European idea?

Dysfunctional humanoid robots invite you to help them create EU 2.0. With a focus group of local citizens and live-composed digital illustration and sound, each event is spontaneous and unique. This unconventional theatrical experiment puts our democracy under the microscope: will we collectively discover a way to resuscitate the dream of Europe?



If you’re a London local, interested in the future of Europe and willing to take part in an exciting, provocative and funny contemporary theatre piece, join! They  would require you to participate at a workshop, the general rehearsal and one performance. No acting or stage experience is needed. The language of the performance and the workshop is English.

What would your participation mean?

  • A 3-hour long workshop, during which we try out those exercises and situations in which they require the active involvement of the participants. You should expect conversations, games and creative tasks. There is no role to play and no text to learn, everyone “performs” as themselves.
  • A general rehearsal before the performances, which would last for about 3 hours. This is when we will bring the performance together with lights, sound, and set.
  • One performance as part of Voila! Europe Festival



  • Workshop: November 8, 6PM – 9PM at the Hungarian Cultural Centre
  • General rehearsal: November 9, 2PM – 5PM at Rich Mix London
  • Performance 1: November 9, 9PM – 10:15PM at Rich Mix London
  • Performance 2: November 10, 4PM – 5:15PM at Rich Mix London


Published on:
11 Oct 2019


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