Finborough Theatre- Open Script Submissions

The Finborough Theatre welcomes unsolicited scripts at any time of the year. They encourage script submissions on all subjects and themes but their resources are limited, and they are anxious to see the work of as many different writers as possible, so please note that they do have a clear artistic policy, outlined below. Please also note that they can only consider one script submission per writer per year.

They would like to read

  • New writing by writers of all ages.
  • Plays that are politically and socially engaged.
  • Works for music theatre.
  • Plays about the Kensington and Chelsea area, local history and personalities.
  • Adaptations of obscure books written after 1800.
  • Plays that are artistically ambitious and thematically expansive.
  • Plays with large casts.
  • Scripts from international writers, but can only accept plays written in English, Scots or Scots Gaelic.

They do not read

  •  Short plays – only full length works for the stage.
  • Film, television or radio scripts, short stories or novels.
  • They do not read adaptations of famous works, versions of other plays, works inspired by or written in response to other plays, sequels to other plays or work using characters from other plays – i.e. Shakespeare, Buchner, Goethe, Greek or Roman myths, fairy tales etc
  • They do not programme works which are clearly best suited to a commercial theatre – i.e. thrillers, farces, commercial comedies etc.
  • They do not programme plays about the urban middle-class, preoccupied with relationships or emotional problems.
  • They are not programming plays about paedophilia for the foreseeable future.
  • They very rarely programme plays set in a dystopian near-future.
  • They do not have an audience for children’s plays.
  • They do not programme any work that has been produced in London in the last 25 years.
  • They do not programme plays written before 1800
  • They very rarely programme historical or biographical plays. In particular, they are not interested in biographical or historical plays set before 1800; plays about military executions during the First World War; or biographical plays about very famous historical figures such as Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Oscar Wilde, members of the royal family or Hollywood film stars, or plays that feature a number of historical or literary figures in one work.


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Published on:
29 Nov 2022


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