Fishamble Dramaturgy Development Programme 

120 new plays are produced on average on the island of Ireland every year. One of the key elements of these new works is the creative dramaturgical input to make the best possible works for the public. Fishamble seeks to support the development of, and conversation about, dramaturgy, in order to help practitioners deepen their craft for the benefit of the sector. This programme is for people engaged in dramaturgical practice. Each participant will be paid a rate of €175 per day for their participation.


  • to enlarge discussion of role and function of new work dramaturgy.
  • For participants to develop their practice through discussion.
  • For participants to gain concrete thoughts about one project that they are working on.


17th April.

The programme takes place over 2 days. At the moment it is planned to go ahead from 6-7 June in Dublin, but this may be subject to change. Please note that should Covid-19 restrictions still apply,they will look to go forward in an online format.

The weekend will comprise of a panel discussion with leading practitioners in the field, followed by two days of looking at contemporary new works, and projects that the participants are currently working on and wish to discuss.

Places limited to 8 people.

Published on:
20 Mar 2020


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