Fly on the Wall: A 24 Hour Play Challenge’

Plays Rough are seeking writers, directors, and groups of two or more actors that live in the same house.

How the event will work:

  • 7.30pm 11th July – Writers are given the stimulus for their scripts and the begin writing.
  • 10.30am 12th July – Writers finish scripts and send them to the director and actors. The rehearsals begin.
  • 7.30pm 12th July -The performance begins via Zoom webinar!


Writers: To apply please submit a 2 page example of your writing.

Directors: A CV and up to 500 words about yourself as a director, this could include reflections on a previous project, what subjects interest you, what your process is working with the text and actors or anything else you think would help us get an understanding of you as a director.

Actors: Either a showreel or a monologue. This can be filmed on your phone. Please, submit as a group in the same email.



21st June 2020

Published on:
19 Jun 2020


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