FREE ArtLab residency for 18-25 year old playwrights

ArtsLab at the North Wall offers a space for art and for artists to flourish. Fundamental to the programme are their ground-breaking residential projects for young, talented theatre artists, bringing them into contact with top theatre professionals, and providing opportunities for them to succeed and excel in a creative career.

The Easter project, Catalyst (formerly TheatreCraft), is central to ArtLabs commitment to new writing, and brings two vital roles centre stage, offering talented young writers and directors two weeks of immersive creativity and the chance to focus solely on honing their craft. To those selected they offer the chance to work with a team of professional actors, and highly experienced writing and directing mentors in a safe and supportive space, to develop and showcase new scripts.

The residency runs from Monday 26 March – Friday 6 April 2018 and is completely free of charge, including accommodation and all meals. You will need to be free and available for the entire duration in order to take part.



You must be ordinarily resident in the UK at the time of applying. Places are strictly limited, and the work will be intensive, challenging and exciting. You will be treated as professionals, and expectations will be high.

You will need to submit one or a maximum of two short scripts / script extracts (max 10 pages per script) alongside your application. We will invite shortlisted applicants for interviews early in the spring.

If selected to take part, you will be expected to come with some material prepared, but be aware that your script is likely to develop further during the residency, and you will work with professional directors, actors and an experienced writing mentor to facilitate this process.

The work will be showcased in front of a public audience on Friday 6 April 2018.



Friday 12 January 2018


How To Apply:

Download complete the relevant application form found here and send it, along with your CV and any other requested attachments to Sherrell Perkin at The North Wall, South Parade, Oxford OX2 7JN, or e-mail



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19 Dec 2017


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