Free dramaturgical support for Hull writers

Starting in spring 2022, Middle Child literary manager, Matthew May, is offering one-to-one meetings with writers local to Hull to provide notes and support on draft scripts. The sessions are aimed at writers without current access to dramaturgical support, such as those not under commission or attached to an existing project.

Writers will be chosen at random from a pool of applicants to attend a one-off, two-hour meeting with Matthew. Matthew will then be able to offer notes on how to develop your script further, while you can ask any other questions you may have about the writing process.

This programme is designed to support writers in and around Hull and does not mean that those who meet with Matthew will be commissioned by Middle Child.

Your script:

  • must be a stage play, not for television or film
  • can be at any stage or draft, as long as you are working towards a full-length play


9am on Tuesday 22 February.

Three writers will be selected to meet with Matthew between March and May.
Meetings will be offered during Middle Child working hours, however they can be flexible to accommodate those in full-time work.
Face-to-face meetings are preferred, however Zoom is also available.
The next application period, to choose another three writers, will open on Tuesday 3 May, with meetings between June and August.


1:1 Script Support

Published on:
8 Feb 2022
Opportunity deadline:
22 Feb 2022


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