Free video workshops on writing for videogames- Writers Guild

WGGB hosted a week-long online festival of free videogames narrative panel events, which ran from Monday 6 to Friday 10 July and were sponsored by Fusebox Games.

Part of the union’s Write On series, the events took place on Zoom and featured a stellar list of speakers from the world of games writing.


Getting Started and Staying In – How to start and build a career in game narrative

Transmedia Tales – Change the platform and you change the story, the challenges and rewards of telling stories in different forms from VR to comics

From Page to Performance – How interactive scripts are transformed through voice, face, motion and performance capture

Narrative Design – Breaking down and building up stories in an interactive environment

World Building – The art and craft of creating narrative settings, societies and scenarios for games

Published on:
29 Jul 2020


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