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Start Time:
08/04/2020, 11:00am
End Time:
08/04/2020, 01:00pm
Online Webinar using Zoom

The webinar is free to access.  

The Space, with funding from Arts Council England presents a free webinar for arts organisations and artists who want to film or live-stream their work online.

Whether you’re thinking about how you might want to capture a touring production you’ve had to cancel, or what you might offer from your bedroom right now, our speakers will offer ideas, guidance and some fundamental dos and don’ts, with plenty of time for Q&A.

They will  cover:

  • What to think about when planning a capture or live-stream
  • Higher and lower cost approaches to filming
  • The pros and cons of live-streaming vs. on demand
  • Enhancing the quality and impact of your production

Helen Spencer is an experienced producer, director and commissioner, and a Senior Associate for The Space. She’ll give top tips for filming and live-streaming, sharing examples from her vast experience of working on projects from big budget to more DIY ways of capturing work. She’ll run through key production considerations and outline where the decisions you take make all the difference creatively.

Magnus Dennison is a filmmaker and live-streaming expert, whose work includes streaming Tongue Fu’s broadcast for National Poetry Day, and the Royal Court’s live-stream of Cyprus Avenue. Magnus will offer a practical overview of filming and live-streaming, and a walkthrough of what you need to think about whether your ambition stretches to a multi-camera production or one person and an iPhone.


Published on:
1 Apr 2020


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