Good to Go Festival is an opportunity for artists to present work that had performances and/or presentations cancelled due to Covid-19 and have not secured new opportunities for that work to be shown. Following the success of Pandemic in the City Festival, Theatre Deli will once again convert the first floor of their London site (usually rehearsal studios) into small performance spaces.

Who can Apply:

  • Anyone who had a project ready for performance prior to the pandemic and had performances/presentations cancelled due to lockdowns.
  • There is no restriction regarding the performance style/genre: your piece could be an installation, film, animation, live performance, dance, sound scape or any other creative art form.
  • Please note for live performance pieces they will not be able to programme those longer than 60 minutes in length
  • There is no restriction on the subject matter/content of pieces
  • The festival will take place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November (with the get-in on Friday 19th November) please ensure all parties involved in your project are available for those dates
  • Each successful applicant will receive £500 funding in total that can be used towards performance costs
  • Please note ‘Good to Go’ Festival will take place on the 1st Floor of Theatre Deli’s London site based at 2 Finsbury Avenue, Broadgate EC2M 2PF. The studios on this floor are usually used for rehearsals, these will be transformed for the pieces of the festival



midday on 30th September

Published on:
14 Sep 2021
Opportunity deadline:
30 Sep 2021


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