TIME: 10am – 12noon Monday mornings (30 mins saying what we’re doing, 1hr of doing stuff, half an hour to chat / share)
FREQUENCY: Every week from the 8th August until further notice
WHERE: Zoom link, the same every week


Making Time is a virtual group for neurodivergent artists, writers and researchers in performance / visual arts. If you/your work falls slightly outside of these parameters but you feel like it’s for you then it’s for you, and you do not have to have any kind of diagnosis to join.

Every quarter they’ll invite a guest who might run a workshop / a different kind of session.

Some things you might do:

editing film
doing benefits admin
making things with our hands
thinking while staring out the window

The setup is that there is a zoom meeting with the same link every time (10am on a Monday), once everyone is there everyone is invited to briefly tell the group what they want to work on that day, and then you go do our own thing – you can have your camera on or off while we work, or leave the call if you’d prefer. After an hour, you come back, ask everyone how it went and if anyone wants to share anything, and if you have time you can respond to what was shared, or if we have a question or need help with something you can ask if anyone has any advice!

Jo Hauge is a neurodivergent live artist and phd student doing a practice based phd about neurodivergent performance practice at Northumbria. They are based in Glasgow and are currently making work about fandom/figure skating/pleasure.

Grace Denton is an artist and writer with ADHD, she is also doing a practice based phd at Northumbria. She lives in Newcastle and her work involves video, text, performance and craft, and focuses on the language of sovereignty and self-governance.


Published on:
3 Aug 2022


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