Greater Manchester Combined Authority-Micro commissions for artists

60 micro commissions worth £500 each will be given to artists and creators based in Greater Manchester, across all artforms (music, art, poetry, theatre, short stories, design, gaming, stories etc).

The Covid-19 Creative Commissions Programme has been developed following advice from sector partners and artists as to what would be the most helpful intervention. Many artists and creators have had commissions cancelled, they hope that their approach will provide some paid work for artists, and create an archive of work to be made available online for everyone to see.

Applicants should provide information on previous work and a brief summary of the work they would like to create. Proposed responses to this commission must be new work.

A panel of independent industry experts, comprising representatives a variety of artforms and disciplines, will make decisions on who will receive the funds virtually. Once decisions have been made, artists will be advanced funds and given a month to deliver the commission. As commissions come in, they will share them in an online archive available to all.


1 April 2020

Published on:
27 Mar 2020


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