Green Curtain call out to the Irish diaspora- Looking back over the water

Green Curtain Theatre are offering writers from the Irish diaspora the opportunity to have their writing performed as part of their latest lockdown theatre project which celebrates the centenary since the birth of an ‘independent’ Ireland. To eligible you must have been born and lived in Ireland or have at least one parent, grandparent, great grandparent who was.

The Anglo-Irish Treaty ratified one hundred years ago, on the 6th December 1921, brought an end to the Irish War of Independence and established the Irish Free State, now the Republic of Ireland.

To mark this seminal moment in Irish history, Green Curtain Theatre are looking for monologues, that is pieces of writing written in the first person, which reveal how ordinary Irish people who have lived in the UK during the past century, view their own heritage and their relationship to the country they left.

They are looking for strong, authentic characters who will engage audiences and encourage them to think, laugh, or be moved in ways that only theatre can deliver.

They will interweave monologues that have the most compelling and authentic voices into a piece of ‘lockdown theatre’ . This will be filmed and made available on the web later in the year.



  • The competition is open to anyone over 18 who is member of the Irish diaspora and currently resident in the UK. For this competition we ask that you have a parent, grandparent, or great grandparent who was born and lived in Ireland in the last 100 years.
  • The pieces must be set at any point between 1921 and 2021 and they must also be anchored in the UK.
  • The monologues must be written in the first person and clearly reference the context and time period.
  • The speaker needs to make a connection between their life and experiences of living and their Irish heritage.
  • The monologues should be between 250 and 500 words. Scripts which exceed 550 words will not be accepted. All entries must be typed and submitted online.
  • You may only enter the competition once.
  • All entries must be original and must not have been performed anywhere previously.


28th February 2021. 

They will contact the writers of the ‘selected pieces’ by March 17th 2021. Entrants should be aware that the judges may make some slight editorial changes prior to filming without consultation with the writer.

Published on:
7 Jan 2021
Opportunity deadline:
28 Feb 2021


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