Hamstead Theatre- Unsolicited script window OPEN!

Submission window

Open on 1 August  to 31 August

At the end of a four month period of consideration you will hear from the theatre to say whether they are able to go any further with your script. They don’t provide critical feedback on the plays, however they will let you know when your play has been read and what the outcome of the process is.


Entry requirements 

They are only able to accept plays from writers who are not represented by an agent via this submission process, writers with an agent can ask them to submit  at any point throughout the year.

All submissions must be from writers based in the UK

All plays sent to us must be unperformed

They can only accept one play per writer during the submission window

All plays must be full length (roughly speaking over 50 pages)

They are unable to accept short plays or adaptations


For more info and to submit please go to https://www.hampsteadtheatre.com/about-us/playwriting/

Published on:
2 Aug 2018


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