Hawkwood- free artists residencies

Hawkwood welcomes around 100 artists a year across various disciplines. Residencies generally last 5 days and take place Monday to Friday. The programme is supported by The Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust.

In 2016, we launched their Artist Residency Programme. This programme has had a national impact across a range of art forms and provides artists, musicians, writers, theatre practitioners and cross disciplinary artists the opportunity to stay at Hawkwood and create work. Their residencies offer a week-long period of creative incubation (Monday – Friday), in which artists can focus entirely on the creative process, away from the demands of everyday life, and provide a welcome opportunity for reflection, research and collaboration. The residencies also allow for the possibility of sharing and discussing work in progress with fellow artists or other interested parties.

To be eligible for this programme you need to be both:

  • A professional artist, which means that you are engaged in your artistic pursuits and perhaps trained for them. You should be known for that work, and earn income from it.
  • Your financial situation is such that you cannot afford to take up this residency and require financial assistance.
  • They welcome applications from all genres of the arts including music, visual arts, performance arts, writers, sculptors etc. With regards to theatre they cannot accept applications from theatre practitioners who wish to rehearse an already written play.

Please note that, although there is no deadline, applications are only reviewed quarterly, in January, April, July and October.


Artist Residency Programme

Published on:
20 Jan 2020


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