HighTide Lighthouse Programme

HighTide are offering a range of remote activities to keep playwrights engaged and moving forwards with their practice.

  • Led by our Artistic Director and newly appointed Associate Artists,they will be reading and feeding back on scripts submitted to us in our designated submission windows
  • Following the success of previous HT Writer Courses, theyr are launching a new Playwriting Masterclass. This will be a weekly programme ran by @wiggedy via video call for writers from the East of England to develop their craft & write a new play over the course of 10 weeks. Details will follow next week on how you can get involved and sign up to take part in the programme.
  • For 40 days, they will tweet out a simple standalone playwriting task and invite writers to share their responses online for feedback, discussion and celebration starting from Monday 23rd March. Follow these tasks with the hashtag #40Plays40Nights
  • Cancellation Catalogue- if your new writing production had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, they will place you on our priority list for programming in the next HighTide Festival, which will take place in Spring/Summer 2021. They are specifically interested in productions created by independent companies not receiving regular subsidy, that were intended to run in spaces of over 100 seats for more than 10 performances. We will be sharing more information on how to get in touch in the coming weeks.
  • They are committed to the artists and community in their region of Suffolk. With Suffolk County Council, alongside our HighTide artists, they will develop & distribute a programme of writing-based creative activities that families and isolated individuals of all ages can do at home.
Further details and how to get involved in these programmes will be released over the next week or two ontheir  social channels and website. The script reading service is NOW OPEN and all info to submit can be found on their website: hightide.org.uk/lighthouse-pro
Published on:
20 Mar 2020


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