How to start and build a career in game narrative- Writers Guild

Thursday 6 July, 6-7pm 


Speakers to be announced.

Live captions will be available for this event.

PLEASE NOTE: registration ends 24 hours before this event at 6pm, on Wednesday 5 July.

It is followed by a free in-person game narrative networking event in central London on Friday 7 July, 6.30-11pm 


All that you require to start writing is an idea and passion, but what if you want to turn that drive into a career? If you’re already writing, how can you take your experience and translate it into a new medium? And, once you’re there, how can you build and sustain a career? What balance of art, craft, soft skills and industry information do you need to work in game narrative? Find out the answers at our next online discussion, hosted by the WGGB videogames committee.

Published on:
26 Jun 2023


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