INK Autumn In Person Script Writing Forums in Ipswich and Halesworth,

This Autumn INK will offer script writers the opportunity to attend Script Writing Forums, in Ipswich and Halesworth, offering the chance to see their scripts performed by professional actors and receive helpful feedback to further develop their work. they are free, funded by generous support from Old Possums Practical Trust.

The format is workshop based and you will be able to interact with the creative team. There are 10 places available in total, 3 of which are dedicated to University of Suffolk students. Other participants will be from a wide, not necessarily academic, demographic

You submit a piece of work no longer than 15 minutes duration with a maximum of 4 characters. This can be a complete script or extract from a longer piece. This will be rehearsed by the cast before the forum and then presented, script in hand when we meet. After each piece, it will be discussed by the actors, directors and you, the writers. You will then be tasked to re draft your work based on the feedback you have received. The second draft will then be presented in a subsequent session. They will work on 4 scripts per session.

These workshops are run by INK Festival. The sessions may be attended by one of the directors who will assess the possibility of some of the work being included in the 2024 festival.


Autumn In Person Script Writing Forums – INK Festival

Published on:
7 Sep 2023


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