Interactive fiction for writers (intermediate) Part of: Closed Hands , Push Festival 2021

Sat 10 Apr 2021, 10.00

Entry price: £7 full / £6 concs. Free for those less able to pay at this current time.

A workshop for existing writers with some experience in “traditional” linear fiction, exploring how to effectively build a fragmented interactive narrative.

Closed Hands is is a groundbreaking work of interactive fiction by PASSENGER, directed by Dan Hett. The game follows the deep intertwined stories of five people thrown together by their involvement in a fictional terror attack.

Join the game’s director and lead writer Dan Hett to explore both the tools and techniques used in Closed Hands, and how you can write and create interactive stories yourself.

This is a workshop session specifically aimed at existing writers including (but not limited to) existing authors, screenwriters, journos, poets…basically anyone who is already established and writing in some capacity. If you are interested but have no writing experience, check out the beginners workshop.


Interactive fiction for writers (intermediate)


Published on:
20 Mar 2021


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