Theatre503 Writers’ Programme Masterclass: Introduction to Playwriting, Rex Obano

A playwriting course for newcomers. Rex Obano will take 5 sessions to get you to a point where you are ready to write. There’ll then be one session after the writing break where we will hear one another’s writing.

Session 1: Starting points & process – Tuesday 4th June
There is no right way to write a play. We will start to work out what we respond to, helping us identify our taste whilst appreciating how individual each writer is. We will begin to explore who we might be as writers. We will discuss process, collaboration, & the kind of dogged patience required for the long haul of making work.

Session 2: Inspiration & building drama – Tuesday 11th June
Using visual prompts, we will start to exercise our writing muscles. We will look at what creates drama, & what action really is.

Session 3: Mining yourself – Tuesday 18th June
Using ourselves, our history, & a host of prompts, we will stir up some deep-rooted questions & ideas.

Session 4: Structure – Tuesday 25th June
Borrowing from some classic & genius structure-makers – Kurt Vonnegut, Pixar – we will learn what we need to write a play.

One week writing break
During the break you will write five pages of drama. It will be a scene from the play or show that you have conceived, broadly structured, & hopefully named.

Session 5: Readings and Feedback – Tuesday 9th July
You will have the experience of hearing your work read aloud, with a short discussion directly after. Be prepared to be an actor in each other’s scenes.

Five sessions starting from Tuesday 4th June, 7:00pm – 9:30pm. The sessions will take place over Zoom. Maximum class sizes are 16. A portion of spaces have been reserved for Share the Drama places.

To find out more and book: Theatre503 | Theatre503 Writers’ Programme: Introduction to Playwriting with Rex Obano

Published on:
15 May 2024


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