Jerwood Arts 1:1 FUND

The 1:1 FUND offers awards for two early-career practitioners working in literature, music, performing, visual and contemporary arts to strengthen existing or start new collaborations after the isolating impact of Covid-19. It will benefit 70-80 individuals in total working together collaboratively

The 1:1 FUND has been developed in response to feedback from applicants and artists, curators and producers Jerwood Arts have supported over the past 18 months. This suggested the pandemic has made collaborating harder than ever, especially in real life, whilst highlighting the energy and inspiration created by strong creative networks and peer support. They also heard that chances for individuals to work together in a supported way, without the pressure to produce new works or find match funding, are increasingly rare.

As a funder that creates imaginative opportunities that provide transformative support for early-career artists, they hope the 1:1 FUND will build the confidence of early-career practitioners and open the door for future projects by supporting new and existing collaborations to exchange ideas, skills-share, research together and generate new ideas.

The 1:1 FUND is designed to offer an injection of support for two practitioners who want to work together. You can apply to strengthen an existing collaboration, or to explore a new one. Your work together can happen either in-person or remotely, and you can work together for some or all of the time. There is no expectation of a final or fixed outcome.

The 1:1 FUND selection will be made using a random number generator. The application form focuses on eligibility criteria and requires fewer text-based answers than previous funds. Applications will be reviewed by Jerwood Arts staff to check they are eligible only if they are chosen by the random number generator. This is part of their ongoing effort to remove bias from their selection processes and to explore more sustainable and inclusive approaches for both practitioners and funders.

If the selected applications meet the eligibility criteria for this fund, they will be awarded £2,000 funding each. You can learn more about the approach we are taking and our reasons behind this pilot here.



12pm, Monday 4 October.


Published on:
7 Sep 2021
Opportunity deadline:
04 Oct 2021


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