Jerwood New Work Fund

The Jerwood New Work Fund provides funding for the research, development, creation, production and dissemination of new work, with a focus on developing artistic practice.

It aims to advance artistic practice by encouraging applicants to investigate the creative process and take risks that lead to the development of unique new works destined to connect with a public audience.

This fund is focused on the initial creation process, but can support the full artistic cycle from the initial idea through to presentation. As with all Jerwood work, the priority is to support artists, curators and/or producers’ professional development, so they expect all proposals to demonstrate a significant step-change in their practice and/or career growth. They are comfortable not knowing what the outcome might be at the application stage.

Jerwood particularly welcome applications for: innovative research and development processes; diverse cross-art form investigations; new collaborations and/or cross-art form partnerships; new work on a new scale for the applicant(s); new work outside institutional contexts; new work that challenges existing practices.


You can apply for between £5,000 and £25,000 for:

  • artistic research
  • workshops
  • scratch
  • making and creation
  • project development
  • R&D processes
  • production, presentation and dissemination

They will not fund applications that focus solely on public outcomes and do not include significant artistic development and learning process for the artists involved.

Applications can be made to the Jerwood New Work Fund to take an idea through to full production, presentation and dissemination, but only where other funding and/or commitments is in place to support this element of the project. In all applications, they would expect to see a clear sense of the trajectory for the work and what will happen next. In line with their principles, they expect all artists involved to be paid appropriately for their time and expertise. Please also give consideration to access and inclusion within your project, and your project’s environmental impact.


Deadlines for 2019

Guidance for Jerwood New Work Fund published: 23 January 2019
Fund opens for applications: 4 March 2019
Advice sessions (by appointment): 16 May 2019
Applications must be received by: 5pm, 3 June 2019
Decisions will be communicated by: 27 July 2019



Across all our activity, individuals receiving support must be:

  • practising artists, curators and/or producers
  • within the first ten years of starting a professional practice (this can be self-defined – see FAQs for details)
  • willing to be bold and take risks
  • living and working in the UK and committed to making a positive contribution to the UK arts sector
  • outside formal education

In addition for the Jerwood New Work Fund, you can apply if you are:

  • an individual artist, curator or producer
  • a member of a group of artists, curators and/or producers, the majority of whom are within the first ten years of establishing their practice
  • an artist-led organisation and the majority of lead artists, curators and/or producers are within the first ten years of establishing their practice

The Jerwood New Work Fund cannot support:

  • an organisation that is not artist-led
  • international research, development, production, presentations or dissemination
  • touring (except where it forms an integral part of the creative process)
  • remaking or remounting of existing work, redevelopment or completion in a new medium of existing work
  • new work that has already had a significant amount of time and resources invested in it

They welcome applications:

  • from those with and without formal education or qualifications
  • from previous applicants, as well as those who have not applied before
  • if you work in any discipline and/or across disciplines
  • if your situation, background and/or identity is currently under-supported across the art sector, including but not limited to under-represented BAME backgrounds, LGBTQ+ identities, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, those with disabilities and those with caring responsibilities


For full information and to apply please go to:

Published on:
6 Mar 2019


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