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This month, JMK are inviting you to apply for our new mentoring programme for early to mid-career theatre directors and theatre-makers. This is a free opportunity which will allow you to identify and move towards your professional goals as you reflect upon your craft and practice through regular mentoring sessions and time with fellow directors.

Taking place over a 6-month period, beginning in July 2021, the JMK Mentors are Nik Partridge, Piers Black, Atri Banerjee, Nel Crouch and Jo Tyabji.


Developing from the free #JMKSpace workshops, the programme will offer participants a monthly one-on-one session with their mentor, for up to an hour, on Zoom, to review and reflect on the development of their work and practice. There will also be space for groups of mentees to come together over the course of the programme for peer-led reflection and support.

The mentoring supports directors by offering insightful questioning and provocations that will help them develop awareness of their practice, identity and interests as a director; finding practical approaches to developing their work.

If you are an experienced artist, the programme will afford a chance to reflect on your work, interests and next steps or if you are early in your career, it could be a useful opportunity to explore and discuss what pathways might be available to you.

Where appropriate, mentors and fellow directors will offer advice based upon experience, but the primary focus is on encouraging each director to define their own journey.


  • There is no minimum requisite experience for this opportunity, but you do need to demonstrate an interest and commitment to developing and exploring your practice as a director/theatre-maker. What this means is that you will have either directed, assisted or observed on shows and/or participated in opportunities with local creative organisations, such as an outreach programme at your nearest theatre.
  • Those who are currently undertaking a degree or postgraduate qualification are not eligible to apply.
  • They particularly encourage you to apply if you have faced, or need support to overcome, barriers to your participation in theatre due to social, economic, physical, cultural, geographical or educational obstacles, including those relating to gender identity, sexuality and race.



5pm on 28th June. 

They will inform all applicants of whether or not they will be able to support them through the programme by 2nd July. Please note they anticipate the number of expressions of interest to exceed the amount of places we are able to offer but they hope to be able to offer further mentoring opportunities in future subject to funding.



JMK Mentoring

Published on:
15 Jun 2021
Opportunity deadline:
28 Jun 2021


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