Join the CRIPtic Arts Team @ The Barbican!

Creative Team for The Acts

The Acts is a meta-theatrical piece which brings together individual works (each 15-20 mins long) from five of the UK’s most exciting disabled theatre makers & companies.

Join us inside the walls of a bustling but dysfunctional theatre, where four acts are hard at work on their latest productions: a solo show about love, joy, and cancer; a comedy about the ways neurodivergent people are expected to sell their stories for the stage; a theatrical adaptation of a short film entangling Greek mythology and the seaside pier; and a multisensory meditation on isolation and moon landings.

In a landscape of intense time pressures, and shoestring budgets, the performers are overstretched and undersupported. But can the fifth act – an absurdly inappropriate workplace wellness seminar – solve all of their problems? Or do we just need an artistic revolution?

Roles Include: Assistant Director, Movement Director, Set, Props & Costume Designer, Audio Description Consultant & Deaf Performer

To find out more and apply, visit: Jobs – CRIPtic Arts

Published on:
13 May 2024


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