Kali SOLOS: Calling all South Asian women writers!

Inspired by the success of Kali SOLOS, Kali are launching an open call-out for writers to submit monologues for a new series.

They’re looking for monologues with an international theme.

Your monologue must be:

Between 2 -3 minutes long
Set in one location
The character and / or action is located outside of the UK

Our reader’s panel will then select three monologues. Each of these will be self recorded by a UK actor at home and will be shared via social media and available to watch on Kali’s YouTube channel as part of the Kali SOLOS series.



Kali SOLOS are only open to writers of South Asian descent who identify as women or AFAB non-binary
Kali SOLOS are open to writers of any experience and who are based anywhere in the world
Monologues must have an international theme and must be able to be self recorded by a UK actor at home
Monologues must be written in English
Writers can only submit one monologue
Selected writers will receive £250 each
If you are a writer who has previously been accepted for a SOLO commission, you are not eligible to apply again.



Tuesday 21st June 5pm



Published on:
27 May 2022
Opportunity deadline:
21 Jun 2022


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