Kings Head Theatre- Queer Tales of Terror submissions

As part of our longer term project to create a community of queer and diverse theatre makers and audiences, from April to June 2022, the Kings Head Theatre are looking to produce a season of work that explores the horror genre from a LGBTQ+ and/or Black and Global Majority perspective. Think hauntings, poltergeists, possession, vampires, werewolves, the uncanny, the supernatural, things to go bump in the night.

This will be the first season of work from new Artistic Directors Hannah Price and Mark Ravenhill. Alongside productions led by Mark and Hannah, they’re looking for shows for the late night slots and for ‘off peak’ Sunday and Monday evening slots. They want all of these projects to reflect the experiences of writers, performers, directors and producers who identify as queer women, trans and non binary. We are keen to hear from queer black and global majority artists and producers.


  • The work should be small cast (no more than four) with lo-fi staging requirements and a maximum running time of 60 minutes.
  • Work that includes a digital element or is digitally driven is particularly welcome.

Unfortunately, as a small team, they are not able to offer feedback on any scripts submitted, nor can we guarantee a reply.


1st Dec

Published on:
25 Oct 2021
Opportunity deadline:
01 Dec 2021


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