Kvell Your Darlings- Call for submissions for the JW3 Autumn 2019 Performance Programme

On Sunday 27 October 2019, 3 writers, theatre-makers or companies will perform 15-20 minutes of new material in a studio space at The Jewish Community Centre London. The performances will be followed by an informal chance for the artists to kibbitz* with the audience over wine and nosh*.

If your project is selected for the evening, they can offer you:

  • 2 days of rehearsal space at JW3
  • 2 hours of tech support on the day
  • an operator for the performance
  • marketing support
  • dramaturgical support

*to feel proud

*to stand around chit-chatting



Entry requirements

The theme for Kvell Your Darlings will be the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are looking for theatre, performance and comedy (sketch and stand up) that responds to any number of the following themes:

  • The Cold War
  • Borders and walls
  • Partition
  • Reunion
  • Disruption
  • Transgression
  • Reunification
  • The Eastern Bloc
  • The Soviet Union
  • Espionage
  • Political satire
  • Mid-to-late 20th century Europe
  • Layers (geographical, architectural, spatial)

They also ask that you consider the programming at JW3, as well their our values and objectives when writing your proposal.

The aim of JW3 is broaden the understanding of Jewish culture and history. The performance programme aims to promote new work for audiences of all backgrounds. The centre produce work that offers a unique and interesting response to Jewish culture particularly, but also reflect a broader range of themes such as identity, faith, culture, diaspora and others. They  seek to develop a programme that is socially and politically engaged, represents a plurality of voices and demonstrates a willingness to push creative boundaries. Find out more about  at https://www.jw3.org.uk/



6pm on Wednesday 20 February.


To apply 

Please submit a one-page proposal for a new project to present at Kvell Your Darlings as well as a one-page CV for you and/or your company. You are welcome to include any supporting material you like.


Published on:
7 Feb 2019


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