London Playwrights Blog- How do you earn a living?

So, what’s the idea? The ever brilliant (and newly re-vamped!) London Playwrights Blog are developing a blog series which aims to dispel myths about how playwrights earn their money. When trudging to an unrelated day job, it’s easy to believe that every other playwright in this world earns their money from writing plays; this can make said day jobs feel like a beacon of a lack of success in the playwriting world.

In reality, this just isn’t true: even the most “successful” playwrights tend to supplement their incomes with other jobs, from teaching to other types of writing to different careers altogether! And whilst it might not be ideal that writing plays isn’t the most lucrative of jobs, it’s sometimes good to know that you’re not alone. They hope that by uncovering your stories, we’ll be helping to promote equality in the Arts, albeit in a small way.

What they’re looking for

Tell London Playwrights Blog about your ‘day job’, how you squeeze in your writing around it, whether you make any money from writing, or whether it ends up costing you money, along with the challenges that all of this brings. The’re looking for straight up honesty! However, you don’t need to share any specific details about the amount of money you earn/ have though – unless of course, you want to.

Who do they want to hear from?

YOU! Their definition of ‘playwright’ doesn’t mean you need to have had twenty plays published and productions at the National (although, of course, that’s ok too!). They’re looking to feature stories from all kinds of writers – from those with agents to complete beginners to those who only write when the kids are in bed and everyone in between!

The blog would also like to be able to publish your name, age and a photo along with your story, if you’re comfortable with it.

For more, and to submit please go to;

How do you earn a living? We want to hear from you!

Published on:
3 Jun 2019


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