London Playwrights Blog: NEW MEMBERS’ CONTENT FOR 2019

The essential London Playwrights Blog has some exciting new content planned for 2019. Their membership scheme covers their core costs and allows them to continue in their quest to support the next generation of playwrights. We generally focus on free opportunities and events on the Bruntwood Prize site, but the LPW are volunteer run, and offer some invaluable support and resources.

The cost of a monthly subscription at £3.63 per month. If you’re not a member yet, please consider signing up – you can find out more here.


Opportunities on offer includes: 


As well as the chance to meet other writers socially, this year’s member meetups are also going to include free feedback sessions where you’ll get the the chance to share your work with other writers and get tips and advice from the LPW team. The first of this year’s member meetups takes place on Saturday 2 March 

NEW Online workshops and resources

As always, LPB online workshops and courses are included in the monthly subscription fee and remain on the website for you to use whenever you fancy (there are already courses on there on redrafting, writing in dialect, tackling writers’ block and more!)

Some brilliant courses coming up including ‘The Play Submissions Checklist’ which will help you get your play competition ready and ‘A Guide to Self Producing’ which will empower you to get your own work on stage.

They’re also working on some useful new resources and you can expect to see some of these popping up on the website soon – including practical advice on which theatres accept unsolicited scripts and how to get formatting right.

20% off the LPB NEW Script Consulting Service and all workshops

Next week, they’ll be relaunching the Script Consulting Service with the aim of making it more accessible. Members get a 20% discount on all Script Consulting services.

Online Book Club

Each month, they pick a play to discuss online and will be continuing to do this throughout 2019. This year, they also plan to include some recommendations for playwriting books to help you to develop your craft even further. Please join the Facebook Group if you’d like to take part in the discussion.

And much more to come! To find out more and become a member please go to

Published on:
1 Feb 2019


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