London Playwrights Blog- Summer workshops for members

London Playwrights’ Blog was started in 2013 as a resource for emerging playwrights.  They aim to bring together the latest opportunities, best resources, and good advice in one place. In 2015, the team formed London Playwrights’ Workshop Ltd as a non-profit company to help expand this support for writers through workshops, events, and expanded online resources.

How to participate

The workshops will be exclusively available for members. To access the workshops, members simply need to visit the members site on or after the dates published below. The workshops will remain live during August and beyond – so don’t worry if you’re taking a break over the summer, you can pick them up whenever is convenient for you.


Summer Session 1: Overcoming writers’ block

When: available from Friday 3 August 2018

Summer Session 2: How to write a monologue 

When: available from Friday 17 August 2018

Summer Session 3: Promoting yourself as a writer

When: available from Friday 31 August 2018


Published on:
19 Jul 2018


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