London Playwrights Blog- WrAP 2019 Playwriting Challenge

After last year’s success, the invaluable London Playwrights Blog have brought their Write A Play the challenge back for 2019 and want YOU to join them.

Throughout January they will be posting a whole host of writing prompts, exercises and resources to guide you through the process of getting your first draft on paper.

Sounds a bit full on with your other commitments? Don’t worry. #WrAP2019 is all about writing as much as you can manage in January; if you finish your play, great, if you only write 20 pages, also great – that’s 20 more pages than you had at the beginning of January!


Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to write a play! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first play or your fiftieth – as long you’re willing to give it a try and commit some time to writing your play in January, then you should go for it!

How does it work?

Throughout January, London Playwrights Blog will share regular writing prompts, exercises and online mini-workshops. These are all designed to support you in writing your play. All the materials will be sent directly to your email inbox. (These will also posted online for easy reference if you want to look back at something that came before.)
The resources will take you chronologically through the playwriting process. They’ll kick off with looking at how to develop your idea and end with writing your final scene.

There will also be the opportunity for online discussion with fellow #WrAP2019 writers via their Members Facebook group, with scheduled sessions where you can ask questions or share concerns.

How do I sign up?

Participation is FREE but you’ll need to be a member of LPW to take part.

On a quarterly basis, they organise a get-together with our members. This a friendly, informal gathering that offers a chance to chat with like-minded writers and meet the LPW Team!

The next meetup will take place on Saturday 2 March 2019 at the Old Diorama Studios, and thought  that after #WrAP2019, it would be the perfect opportunity for you to share some of your work and get some feedback from other LPW members.


Published on:
13 Dec 2018


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