LPW Play Club 2020: Play #2 – Lungs by Duncan Macmillan

Play submissions for this project are exclusively for LPB members, however you’re also more than welcome to just read the plays and join in some discussion with us about them on the members Facebook group! They’ll open up a discussion forum on there at the same time they open for submissions, so do feel free to just read along with if you’d prefer.

The next submission window is a response to Lungs, by the Bruntwood Prize winner Duncan Macmillan 

Winner of the Best Play of 2013 Award (Off West End Awards), Lungs is a modern play dealing with themes of family, adulthood and growing up in this generation and society today. Duncan Macmillan’s piece revolves around two characters and charts their relationship in a fragmented style; leaving an audience to fill the gaps in between and play catch-up throughout. The play debuted in 2011 at the Studio Theatre in 2011, whilst also holding it’s UK premiere in the same month in a production directed by Richard Wilson. Lungs was most recently revived for the stage at the Old Vic in London with Claire Foy and Matt Smith cast as W and M respectively.

You can get a copy of the play from Amazon for £8, and there are also cheaper versions online by searching “Lungs Script”.


LPB challenge you to write a 10 page play (12 font size, please!) in direct response to what you’ve read.


Sunday 31st May


LPW Play Club 2020: Play #2 – Lungs by Duncan Macmillan

Published on:
5 May 2020


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