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Have your work featured in a socially distanced online museum. In celebration of becoming a charity – and embracing lockdown – Mainspring Arts is launching Two Metres ApART, a digital museum showcasing the very best of neurodivergent art.

Every week for 12 weeks they’ll upload a new exhibit. If you’re a neurodivergent poet, writer, visual artist, comedian, musician, performance artist or any other type of neurodivergent artist/creative and you’re based in the UK, then please submit your work!

Your work can take the form of text, images, video or audio (basically anything we can upload onto their website). They’re leaving the brief wide open – there’s no set theme, and your work can be any length/size (within reason!) The only rule is that the piece needs to be something you could have ready within one week.

It’s OK if your work doesn’t usually take digital form. They’re keen to see inventive ways of presenting work digitally, whether it’s a video showcase, audio recording, photography or anything else you can think of.


Each featured artist will receive a fee of £100 


Rolling weekly deadlines:

Each Friday for 12 weeks, starting on Friday 3rd April.

After each Friday deadline they’ll select an artist and contact them the following Monday.

If you aren’t selected in the week you apply for, your application will stay in a pool and will be considered for all following weeks. You’re welcome to apply again with a different piece, but this will replace your previous piece in the pool – each artist can only have one piece in the pool at a time.

Friday 3rd April – first submission deadline

Monday 6th April – first artist commissioned

Friday 10th April – second submission deadline

Monday 13th April – first piece uploaded and second artist commissioned

Published on:
7 Apr 2020


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