Make Space- for Scotland based artists

Make Space is a new research and development fund for Scotland-based artists to explore what performing arts for children could look like in the new normal. Catherine Wheels wants you to join us in looking to the future of our art form in a changed landscape, what the needs of our audiences will be and how this affects the work we create.

The Make Space fund will support up to five interesting ideas that explore new ways of creating, presenting, and touring work for young Scottish audiences in an uncertain future.

You do not need to have a final product in mind, this is a fund to ask questions and research ideas.

They want you to help them imagine what this new theatre landscape could look like. Some of the questions they are considering, and would like you to think about when applying for this fund, include:

• How can we continue to work together when there are times we must work apart?
• How flexible and nimble can our work be?
• How can we be carbon neutral in the way we work, the projects we create, and the way we tour?
• How do we create and share work where theatres may not always be an option for presenting?
• How do we develop the ability for children’s theatre to work flexibly in alternative spaces like schools, community venues, outdoors etc?
• Can we make work that is successful online, but also, crucially, works live?
• How do we create work that best serves our local audience and community?



  • They want artists and individuals from varied creative backgrounds to apply. Whether you are a lighting or set designer, a writer, director, musician, choreographer, technician, theatre maker or someone who doesn’t fit neatly into any description but is interested in the questions they have – and perhaps have others to ask – they would love to hear from you.
  • They are keen to broaden the ideas and expertise and thinking in this area and to challenge our assumptions.
  • They are keen to hear from applicants who identify as BAME/Person of Colour, D/deaf, disabled, LGBTQ+.
  • Applicants must be based in Scotland, and they would like one of the artists to be based in our home region of East Lothian.
  • All ideas and developments will work alongside government guidelines on Covid-19; the conditions of development may change.
  • Each idea will be awarded up to £2,000 which you can use to pay for your own time, working with others, materials and/or associated costs. On top of this they can offer:
    • Artistic, technical and producing support
    • Rehearsal space
    • Resources – sound/lighting etc.
    • As part of the funding they will create ways for all the artists to be connected. This will be through informal meetings and other events, created to meet the needs of the individuals and group.



12 noon, Friday 29 May 2020.

Published on:
15 May 2020


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