October 25

02:30 pm – 04:30 pm


A workshop for theatre makers exploring the dramaturgy of choose-your-own adventure.

Tom Ryalls’ new show “Education, Education, Karaoke” is a narrative piece of theatre but it’s also choose-your-own-adventure with choices being made by the audience and the guest performer. How do you create a satisfying narrative when you can’t control where the narrative goes? In this workshop we’ll explore the building blocks of multi-linear narrative including:

  • Techniques for planning non-linear narratives on a macro level and how to keep track of non-linear narrative
  • How to create the feeling of an act structure without having having a singular linear narrative
  • How to create cause and effect between scenes when you don’t know what comes next
  • The basic requirements any individual scene for an audience to understand what’s happening

Facilitator Tom Ryalls is a writer, organiser and fundraiser. They focus mainly on using their work to change who gets to imagine the future and have a company called BAP! which they use to produce these projects. Their most recent show “Can You See Into a Black Hole?” ran outdoors in Covent Garden as a week of relaxed performances and they are the Head of Development for the NPO Stockroom. They’re creating a piece of playable theatre called “Education, Education, Karaoke” which will run at Camden People’s Theatre in November. You can find out more about their work here:

This workshop will draw on Tom’s show “Education, Education, Karaoke”, but you don’t have to see the show to take part in the workshop.

Making Multi-Linear Narratives – Upstart Theatre (

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21 Oct 2021


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