MAYK- I Like It. What Is It?

I Like It. What Is It? will make space for up to four artists or companies making experimental live performance to explore ‘boomerang’ ideas – by this they mean the ones that won’t go away; that dance around your head, and haven’t had enough of a chance to see what they might want to be yet.

This is a chance to engage with ideas that feel challenging, elusive, or untameable, without being restricted by production schedules or expectations of what the thing is, before you know what the thing is. Do we ever know what the thing is?

I Like It. What Is It? will run until the end of 2024, and we will stagger each residency across that time to include time in the MAYKING space as well as building a dialogue and support network that stretches to where you are too.

The programme centres ‘slow’ working, which resists hyper-productivity in favour of depth of experience.

They are committed to removing barriers for artists who identify as D/deaf or disabled and will cover access costs wherever necessary.

What’s important here is that they will design the process with you, and it can shift as we go, if you need it to. It’s a collaboration.


I Like It. What Is It? is intended for artists who:

  • Are working in live performance and who define as interdisciplinary or working at the edges of form
  • Have no less than five and no more than ten years professional experience
  • Have not had a producing relationship with MAYK in the past (by this we mean have not been directly produced by us. If you’ve been in Mayfest or another presenting context that’s fine)


The offer:

  • £8k bursary
  • Access costs covered wherever necessary
  • Flexible access to our accessible MAYKING space
  • Creative mentoring and support
  • Access to extensive UK and international networks
  • Flexible access to desk space in our Bristol office
  • Festival pass for Mayfest 2024
  • Invitation to contribute to wider curatorial conversations around our programme
  • Hosted sharings
  • Accommodation/travel for artists based outside of Bristol



midnight Monday 10th April 2023


Call for proposals: ‘I Like It. What Is It?’ — MAYK

Published on:
8 Mar 2023
Opportunity deadline:
10 Apr 2023


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