Middle Child- script submission window

Middle Child are once again inviting script submissions as they look to form relationships with new writers over the next few years.

They are keen to meet writers who have an interest in the socio-political function of theatre and who are interested in making work which reaches beyond the usual theatre crowd. While music is a key component of their work, it does not need to be present in your script.


Specifically, they are interested in reading full-length plays from UK-based new writers, who’ve had no more than one full-length production, and who are:

  • Female, trans and non-binary and/or;
  • People of colour and/or;
  • Identify as working class.

You do not need to write something original for this submission window: existing scripts, including those that you may have submitted to other companies, venues and competitions, are welcome.

They are not looking to commission new plays through this call, but to start relationships with new writers instead, so that they can get to know you and your work better and work out how you might collaborate in the future.



10am on Monday 1 June.

They will respond to everybody who submits a script by Tuesday 4 August. However as a small team they cannot guarantee detailed feedback on each piece of writing. 



Published on:
4 May 2020


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