MIF- WORK IT free workshops

A series of FREE workshops lead by outstanding creatives; including Amy Vreeke, Jenny Gaskell, Keisha Thompson, and Nathaniel Hall

Priority booking will be given  Contact alumni. This includes previous or current participants, volunteers, supporters, or staff.


WORK IT: Writing Comedy with AMY VREEKE

This workshop will equip you with the skills to write your own original joke and connect with your inner stand up comedian. T

Tuesday 18 January

Book now: bit.ly/34MYHQa

WORK IT: Taking Their Word for it with JENNY GASKELL

Discussing the ethics, care and boundary setting around working with participants’ stories to make your art.

Tuesday 15 February

Book now: bit.ly/3riiluM

WORK IT: Creating the World for Your Show with KEISHA THOMPSON

This workshop will explore how you can find the right art form and devices to tell your story in a way both compliments and challenges you.

Tuesday 15 March

Book now: bit.ly/3HVWYpQ

WORK IT: My Life, My Story with NATHANIEL HALL

Join HIV+ theatre-maker and activist Nathaniel Hall in this workshop to explore storytelling as a way to explore and share your own autobiographical stories.

Tuesday 19 April

Book now: bit.ly/3nihv03

Published on:
13 Jan 2022


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