Nathan Carr and Milivoy Webber Memorial Prize

This prize is awarded annually in memory of Nathan Robert Carr and Milivoy Ivon Webber. The competition genre and theme may change each year. This is the first year of the competition, which is sponsored by Mama Quilla Productions—Art for Change. Mama Quilla spotlights neglected human rights issues and explores the big issues of the day from a female perspective.

This year they are accepting flash fiction on the theme of theme of LGBTQIA. There is one prize of £250. The winning story will be published on this website with an accompanying illustration specially created by artist and printmaker, Raf.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Your story must not have been previously published in print or online, been broadcast, or won a prize.
  • Your story must be no more than 750 words. Hyphenated words count as one word.
  • Please include a title. The title is not considered in the word count.
  • Whatever you like, as long as you write in the Flash Fiction genre and respond to the competition theme, which is LGBTQIA this year.
  • You may enter up to 3 stories.
  • Writers may be based anywhere in the world, as long as your story is in English.


4 March 2020

Published on:
13 Dec 2019


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  1. Last time I saw milivoy he didn’t look in a good way I bumped into him in a bar he was on his own another time I saw him he was drunk he didn’t look like how I knew him. He had bad teeth wearing sandals with overgrown toenails not how I knew him. That was maybe 10 years ago. Three years ago my mum died and I saw him in Wallington I was too down to say hello. One year later I googled his name and found he had died before my mum. I must have seen his spirit. He was just walking toward me with a little smile bit I was so down trodden devastated with my mum passing. I knew milivoy and his sense of humour and kind heart. He was my best friend and love in that time. God bless you. As soon as you came for an interview in Holland and Barrett I hoped you’d get the job and I thought he looks interesting lol you got the job and we met for a reason xx

    by Samantha lee
    1:13 am, 11 Apr 2022