National Theatre- rolling open script submission

The National Theatre  are happy to receive and consider unsolicited scripts from the UK and Ireland.


  • Scripts should be submitted in .doc or .pdf format via email to and all submissions receive an acknowledgement.
  • They aim to respond to writers within three months.
  • They are unable to provide feedback on all submissions but we aim to do so for those pieces of work with particular promise for development.


  • Scripts must be full-length (with a playing time of at least one hour)
  • They do not consider re-drafts of plays previously submitted to us, unless requested
  • They do not accept scripts written for film, television or radio, but do accept versions and adaptations for the stage
  • They no longer accept handwritten or hard copy submissions
  • Musical submissions should provide a link to supporting materials via or similar
  • If submitting multiple plays , please indicate an order in which you would like these to be read

Published on:
12 Dec 2019


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