National Theatre Wales- Located residencies

Located Residencies are unique opportunities to spend research and development time looking at new performance ideas, that are embedded in a location or community. This is an opportunity to conceive and shape your own residency – experimenting, taking creative risks and exploring your practice within a specific context that you identify.

In response to the many ideas and conversations that were prompted by this work, NTW want to continue to support the development of new projects that embrace the most pertinent issues of today. They hope that these Located Residencies are a period of reflection and dialogue that explore these issues in relation to the people and place of Wales.

Located Residencies are open to all artists who are interested in making performance – writers, directors, choreographers, designers, movers, makers, digital creatives – at any stage in their careers.

They particularly welcome submissions from artists who come from underrepresented groups (specifically artists of colour, or artists with additional needs).



  • In your submission, they will be looking for examples of how you think this residency will push the boundaries of your practice and/or have the potential to create change (for you, your practice, or anyone else you may be working with).
  • Your submission will also clearly articulate how the project addresses local and global concerns, whilst physically needing to be undertaken within Wales*.
  • They expect that most residencies will last for around a week and that there will be an important moment to share your ideas and process with others.
  • They will expect to work with the selected artists to support the design of their residency and however they chose to share their results with a wider group of people.

All participating professionals must:

  • be aged 18 and over;
  • not be currently engaged in full-time education;
  • not carry out residencies in connection to PhD research; and
  • be based in Wales or able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the development of work in Wales.


All lead artists and their collaborators will receive a fee of £500 per week for their time on the residency (part weeks paid on a pro rata basis of £100/day), as well as budgetary support towards the cost of travel, accommodation, materials etc., depending on the needs of each residency. You do not need to complete a budget as part of our submission. They will work with you to allocate money to your residency, based on its needs.

You will receive artistic and producing support from the Head of Creative Development, Creative Development Assistant and freelance producers (NTW’s Emerging Producers) and Production department, as well as having access to the expertise of the whole company including Collaboration and Communications where relevant.

They also have the opportunity to draw on support from expertise at Natural Resources Wales depending on the direction and focus of each residency.



Noon 27 Sep 2019

They  will be arranging meetings with selected artists for 11 Oct 2019

They envisage that most residencies will take place between Nov 2019 and Jun 2020 but are happy to consider other times.

Published on:
20 Aug 2019


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