NDT- Apply for Space- Final ballot now open!

Apply for space between 30 May and 15 July now.

NDT Broadgate have built a new process that:

• Ensures resources are accessed by the most artists possible.
• Actively removes biases, conscious and unconscious.
• Is quick, friendly and easy to use (and doesn’t ask artists to tell their life story or make themselves emotionally exposed just to get some free space!)
• Transparent and clear to understand.

All applications for space at NDT Broadgate made through New Diorama will be selected via randomised lottery.

No application will be judged on artistic merit or quality terms and the primary aim is to maximise footfall and make best usage of the space over that period.

Since this project is aimed at independent artists they are not accepting applications from NPOs.

Freelance and independent artists can apply through the simple portal at the top of this page. Most questions are multiple choice, with set answers, and artists will need to type no more than a total of 200 words across the whole process. In total it should take no more than 10 minutes from start to finish.


Published on:
4 Apr 2022


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