New Dimensions Commission

Battersea Arts Centre (London), Take Me Somewhere (Glasgow), Tramway (Glasgow), Transform (Leeds) and Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (Brighton) have come together to support artists who are ready to dream big and create a new work of scale that can tour nationally and internationally.

The five UK partners have created a partnership to nurture and support ambition through commissioning, residency space, fundraising and producing support and international development opportunities.

One artist or company will be selected for commission, supported by the partners through to the premiere of a new production in Autumn 2025.

The Commission:

  • £50K (Fifty Thousand Pound) commission
  • 28 month (2.5 year) making process
  • 20 weeks residency space
  • Fundraising and producing support
  • International development opportunities
  • Premiere and tour the new work to the partner festivals and venues in Autumn 2025.

What is ‘work of scale’?

  • Work for larger stages: minimum 10 x 10m stages
  • Space & time: research time, residencies and production time spanning 28 months
  • Creative teams: resources to work with larger, experienced and multi-disciplinary creative teams
  • Ambition & innovation: creation of new forms and aesthetics to support rigorous research and ideas.
  • Audiences: platforming the work at leading international festivals, and presenting the work over longer runs for 300 – 600 seater venues
  • International outlook: they aim to provide an international outlook from the outset by including international programmers as part of the decision-making process.

Who can apply?

  • UK based artists/companies only
  • Artists working in contemporary performance.
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate a professional track record including successful grants or previous public and/or arts council funding, tour dates and venue support.
  • They are actively encouraging applications from artists who have experienced barriers to working at scale and touring – LGBTQI+, female, non-binary, disabled, global majority led work, and work led by artists from low-socio economic backgrounds.


21 March 2023, midnight

Published on:
14 Feb 2023
Opportunity deadline:
21 Mar 2023


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