New Diorama- Graduate Companies Programme

Across the country many talented theatre companies graduate and leave education without the practical skill set or contacts to help them make the difficult transition between training and working professionally.

New Diorama’s popular Graduate Companies Programme provides six companies with the tools and resources needed to keep making theatre.

The programme introduces these early-career theatre companies to industry professionals, while equipping them with the tools each need to continue making theatre. The companies will attending talks on a wide variety of subjects, including fund raising, approaching venues, producing and building audiences.


How it Works


New Diorama invite applications from the most talented graduate theatre companies from across the UK.


Building Skills

Working with industry experts and fellow artists, each group gains the skills and contacts needed to continue making work outside education


Boosted contacts book

Once the course is finished groups have more than money and skills – they also have a new network of contacts, both peers and industry pros, to help their work grow.



  • At least two members of the company must be within two years of graduating from any form of education.


Sunday 14th April 2019, 23:59 hours GMT

Published on:
1 Apr 2019


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