North Star Project

The New Diorama have always worked to support the best artists and companies through difficult times – now, in this moment of crisis, they want to throw support open to whoever needs it across the sector.

Bringing together insights and knowledge from partners and contacts at Arts Council England, the London Assembly, and other funding bodies, they will offer a suite of advice, guidance and support to ensure artists have the insight to apply for all the financial support they’re entitled to in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring they shape their ask way that makes the most impact.

They are also launching a National Application Reading programme, bringing together over 30 venues and organisations, to read funding application for those who have never applied to support before (or have applied and have never been successful).


Here at the Royal Exchange Theatre we’ll be participating in the 30 strong venue group- sign up to the mailing list below for more information

By signing up to this mailing list you will:

  • Subscribe to a mailing list exclusively set up by New Diorama Theatre to communicate developments around grant and resilience support for artists.
  • Have access to one-on-one artist advice surgeries, either face-to-face (conditions permitting) or on the phone.
  • Have a level of insight, support and access to advice normally reserved only for New Diorama’s supported artists.

Published on:
4 Apr 2020


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