New & Emerging Playwright? Talk to us.

On June 5th a group of established playwrights and theatre artists are meeting to discuss what they can do to support new and emerging playwrights in this difficult time. We would like to hear from you to help guide and shape our discussion.

Vaults is gone. Scratch nights are down by 80% post pandemic. Theatres are struggling to keep up with the writers they have commissioned and forge new relationships. Arts funding is continuously ravaged. Arts subjects at school utterly undervalued by our government. Less new work is being commissioned.

In short, things are very challenging for new and emerging playwrights.

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Anna Jordan are concerned that we are going to lose a generation of new voices who do not have the support and opportunities we had when we were starting out.

This is an event where established theatre artists will come together to try to answer the question:

How can established theatre artists support emerging playwrights in these difficult times?

Please fill in this Google Form to give us more information about your current situation.

The Event

Please do NOT attend this event if you are an emerging playwright or artist.

If you are a playwright, director, producer, dramaturg, you have been in the industry for a while and feel you are able to offer something – ideas, support, energy – then PLEASE do come along.

Tickets are free and available here: How Can Established Theatre Artists Support Emerging Playwrights? Tickets, Wed, Jun 5, 2024 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

Published on:
9 May 2024


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