New Multimedia Play, Invisible Summer, from Playwright Eve Leigh and Director Rachel Bagshaw Available via the Royal Court Newsletter Later this Month

From our friends : Eve Leigh, Rachel Bagshaw and a collective of artists bring you InvisibleSummer – a new multimedia play for your inbox. It’s part late night scary story, part call to arms, and it’s about how to get through the pandemic.

In a series of ‘inbox hauntings’ sent over two weeks, Invisible Summer will offer a disabled perspective on the pandemic, delivered directly to people’s inboxes from a collaborative of majority disabled, Deaf or neurodivergent artists.

The creative team on this project include artists with a variety of creative specialisms; including movement, music, performance, video design, writing and direction.

Invisible Summer is designed so that each audience member, depending on their mode of communication, receives a different theatrical experience. It creatively combines written text, Spoken English, BSL, captioning, and audio description. It has been designed with audiences with visual impairments, and D/deaf audiences who use BSL, and D/deaf audiences who read captions, in mind.

Sign up for free to the Royal Court Theatre newsletter before Sunday 29 November 2020, and Invisible Summer will be delivered to your inbox on Monday 30 November 2020, piece by piece, night by night. Some of the fun kind of fear, for the long dark nights to come.

Published on:
19 Nov 2020


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