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This five-year project, supported by Esmée Fairbairn, will invest in the testing and creation of new theatre with the ambition of reaching broader audiences in new places with new experiences. Awards of £3000-£8000 will be available to test a new theatre idea for towns of South East England
The South East is made up of more small towns than any other region, towns vary from coastal, semi-rural to more urban areas on the edge of cities. Some are historic market towns, others new towns with new names. Many do not host a professional cultural venue.



  • They are looking to invest in work which is created for and with our town communities in the South East
  • They are looking for work that is enticing and relevant; work that plays with new forms, which addresses the priorities and ambitions of people living and working in our towns. This might encompass site-specific work, theatre that doesn’t look like theatre, work in market squares, care homes, high streets, cafes and work that rekindles an appetite for contemporary, popular entertainment.
  • They are making around six investments of £3000-£8000 that seed ideas for new pieces of theatre and plan to support the best of these to full production and to visit further town locations.
  • Investment will be made to partnerships, forged by shared ambitions to reach new theatre audiences. They expect lead applicants may be theatre makers or venues but encourage applicants to create project proposals with non-arts partners ranging from local authorities, housing associations to community groups such as allotment societies, amateur theatre groups, residents associations, playgroups and hairdressers.


9am Monday 23 March 2020

Successful proposals will receive a response by Monday 10th April 2020, and projects will be posted on the Farnham Maltings website.

Published on:
17 Feb 2020


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